Responding to Female Genital Mutilation – TERRE DES FEMMES organises FGM training for key professionals

f.l.t.r.: Petra Martin-Schweizer, Najwa Kaied, Marie-Elisa Marwig, CHANGE Trainer Isatou Barry, Sevgi Ilbeyi, Dr. Idah Nabateregga, Maria Abel und Leyla Balthasar. Foto: © TERRE DES FEMMES

On the 13th Dec 2019, TERRE DES FEMMES hosted the first of two planned vocational trainings for key professionals at the head office in Berlin. CHANGE Trainer Isatou Barry from the Let’s CHANGE project, and Dr. Idah Nabateregga, policy expert of female genital mutilation (FGM) at TDF, conveyed basic knowledge about FGM, as well as the necessary competences on how to deal with affected girls and women and what to do in situations of potential risk. Participants were mainly coming from the social sector.

After a short introductory round, the session continued by showing the short film “Amina” which was produced within the previous EU-project CHANGE Plus, coordinated by TERRE DES FEMMES. The film explains the situation of affected communities in Germany. Afterwards, CHANGE Trainer Isatou Barry, who is affected herself, presented useful knowledge about the types, motifs and consequences of FGM, as well as the legal situation in Germany.

The second part of the training was especially dedicated to methods of appropriate response to female genital mutilation. Dr. Idah Nabateregga informed the participants about the challenges of support and current drawbacks as well as about practical hints of acute risk. Then, she presented possible intervention measures utilising an eight-score-programme developed by TDF. Towards the end of the session, participants were invited to discuss real and fictional cases of FGM.

TERRE DES FEMMES thanks Isatou Barry and all participants for the informative and fruitful day.


Date 12/2019


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