Who are the CHANGE Trainers?

A new aspect of the Let’s CHANGE project is to mobilize and empower experienced community-based activists to become trainers for professionals from public authorities, from health care, child protection, education and refugee support services. Especially in these areas a lack of knowledge towards FGM and a shortage of adequate informed staff members was identified. The Let’s CHANGE project is aiming to build up a pool of experts: They shall cover this demand by advising and training relevant key professionals. Furthermore, the CHANGE Trainers’ targets group are ministries, social services and other public authorities.

One of the requirements to apply as CHANGE Trainer was the successful participation in the predecessor project CHANGE Plus as CHANGE Agents.

Besides offering trainings, the CHANGE Trainer support, empower and monitor the current CHANGE Agents in their new role and activities, through their own experiences. Each project partner recruited six CHANGE Trainers, based on their personal qualifications and know-how about prevention measurements. The participants will be trained specifically in didactic methods, presentation and communication skills. This is necessary and beneficial for the work with professionals of varying medical institutions and public authorities. In addition, the CHANGE Trainers will be able to share support and knowledge with the CHANGE Trainers of the project partners. Using this versatile network of CHANGE Trainers who speak different languages, a diverse pool of experts is created and can be provided within the EU.

What do they do exactly?

The CHANGE Trainers agreed to be engaged in a two-year project, in the course of which they will participate in Train-the-Trainer seminars. This includes the trainings for didactic methods and communication skills. After having participated in this training, the CHANGE Trainers will offer training sessions for relevant professionals from public authorities, health care and child protection. Moreover, there will be three exchange meetings for the CHANGE Trainers implemented by the respective project partner to share good experiences, discussing challenges and to strengthen the trainer’s capacities.

The Train-the-Trainer program will be implemented by each project partner on three days (February 2019 - March 2019). Depending on the needs of each group of CHANGE Trainers the number of sessions can be increased.

Additionally, the CHANGE Trainers will implement at least one Behaviour Change Activity with an assigned group of CHANGE Agents in order to support them.

How are they prepared?

The Train-the-Trainer program will enhance skills to promote awareness training on a professional level for personnel of health sectors and public authorities. Due to their already existing technical knowledge, the CHANGE Trainers will be trained particularly in teaching and rhetorical skills. Apart from that, the seminars aim at extending social skills as well as these capacities play a major part in their performances as CHANGE Trainers.