Der Fall Birtukan Mideksa: Vorlage für Brief oder E-Mail

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Embassy of the Federal Democratic
Republic of Ethiopia
Boothstrasse 20a
12207 Berlin

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Dear Honorable Minister Berhan Hailu,

As a member of the international community I am deeply concerned about the treatment of political activists in Ethiopia. I respect the universal Human Rights and therefore support the unconditioned and immediate discharge of Birtukan Mideksa.

Judge Birtukan Mideksa  is arrested for one and a half years by now although she is not charged with a recognisable criminal offence. She is accused of having led the protests against the election victory of the current government and has therefore been condemned to a life imprisonment. In my opinion, Birtukan Mideksa can be considered as a non-violent political prisoner who has been arrested because she exercised her universal rights of freedom of expression and freedom of association.

I am specially concerned about the fact that she was held in solitary confinement for several months and that a sufficient medical assistance as well as judicial advise are refused to her.
These facts violate inevitably the ensuring of the universal Human Rights, which Ethiopia as a member of the UNO accepted to keep.

Particularly with regard to the elections on 23rd of May the release of the first chairwoman of the current opposition party "Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ)" would have been absolutely essential for a democratic Ethiopia.

So, I appeal to your government authorities to release Birtukan Mideksa immediately as well as other political prisoners whose crimes existed in the exercise of their Human Rights and the legal struggle for a democratic Ethiopia.

Yours sincerely

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