Insights into women´s worlds 2004

On the occasion of the international day „NO to violence against women“ TERRE DES FEMMES presents for the fourth time its film festival from 18th to 24th of November - in co-operation with the commissioner of women´s affairs of the University city Tuebingen. Over 30 feature films and documentaries from 25 countries about women´s rights will be screened at several cinemas in Tübingen, Rottenburg and Heidelberg.


As special highlights we will show awarded feature films which haven’t been screened in German cinemas yet: the opening film “El Kotbia – The bookstore” from Tunisia, “Yasmin” from Great Britain and “En Garde” from Germany. The three directors – Nawfel Saheb Ettaba, Kenny Glenaan and Ayse Polat - will be present for the screenings and conversations with the public. “Cautiva” from Argentine director Gastón Birabén about the aftermath of the military dictatorship, “Casa de los Babys”, a US-Mexican Co-production of the renowned independent director John Sayles, and “The Fifth Reaction” of daring Iranian fighter for women´s rights Tamineh Milani are further special contributions to our programme. “When Maryam spoke out” from Libanon about forced marriage as well as “Mama Africa”, a joint production of African women directors, the Oscar nominated documentary from USA/Vietnam “Daughter from Danang” and “Blue Gate Crossing” from Taiwan, among others, complete our journey around the globe.

Themes and Countries

Accompanying the present campaign of TERRE DES FEMMES special importance is given to the topic of “crimes in the name of honour” – among them forced marriage and honour deaths, with films from Jordania, Libanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sweden and Germany. The Jordanian journalist Rana Husseini, Ulrike Baur, the director of the film about an honour death in Tübingen and the mother of the murdered girl, Hanife Gashi, will be present at the discussions with the audience. In correspondence with the campaign many of our films come from the Arabian-Islamic region. But features like “El Kotbia” also show that this world is not uniform – it includes societies which concede considerable liberties for women.

On the other hand we present many films in the series “Girls Worlds”, about the next generation of women in different cultures - about their coming of age between tradition and life in a globalized world. An extraordinary discussion is envisioned with respect to the issue of domestic violence which has repeatedly been focused by TERRE DES FEMMES. We will present the epoch-making feature film “The power of men is the patience of women” from 1978. As a special guest for this screening we invited the co-scriptwriter and main actress Elisabeth Rubrecht. There will be a discussion with her and representatives of the Tuebingen women´s refuge center about the changes, women´s refuge centers and legislation against domestic violence have undergone since then.

We continue to screen films about women in warlike situations and their contribution to peace solutions, this year among others with the moving Israeli production “My Terrorist” and “Rachida” from Algeria, as well as films on women and AIDS in Africa. For the first time from the Ex-Soviet Republics we will present “Gender Montage”, an insight-offering series of documentaries about the situation of women in this region. They tackle as well the issue of “women and work” in globalized economies, as does the Algerian film “Puppets of clay”, whos director Nouri Bouzid will be able to participate at the filmfestival.

Special Activities

In our Special Activities Programme we are happy to present the music group Cántaro at our already traditional opening party. Furthermore this year, the round-table-discussion will be with the present directors of feature films, about “Human rights of women – a topic in filmmaking”. We are specially delighted to present at the 25th of November the International day of “NO to violence against women”, a theatre play about women trafficking from Eastern Europe to Germany. “Krabat and the 7 whores – (no) fairy tale” is being presented by the Theatre group of the Albert Einstein - High school of Reutlingen. These pupils had seen films about the topic at our filmfestival in 2003 and felt motivated to develop a play which was then chosen for the National School-Theatre Festival in September 2004.

We wish our audience many reflective, motivating and amusing moments and we want to thank the people and institutions who have supported us for the preparation of this filmfest.

Christa Stolle   

Irene Jung

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Film Festival

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