How to Talk About Female Genital Mutilation – A Manual

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In cooperation with the European network End FGM, TERRE DES FEMMES has composed a manual on how to talk about female genital mutilation (FGM) containing recommendations about the correct wording. The brochure shall serve as a brief practical guide.

The manual targets two different groups: On the one side, it helps journalists, scholars, politicians and other stakeholders who write reports or articles about FGM. Thus, a list of “dos” and “don’ts” has been established in order to enable a clear and non-stigmatising approach to the topic.

On the other side, the brochure gives advice to people who come in contact with women affected by FGM or members of an affected community. This might include social workers, teachers, midwives and counsellors, but also people from civil society, in general. In this case, the manual gives them security on how to start a conversation in a professional, sensitive and respectful manner.

Finally, the brochure raises awareness about common myths around female genital mutilation and refutes them with facts. The German version of the manual can be downloaded here:


Date: March 2020