Barry, Isatou

My name is Isatou Barry. I come from Gambia in the west of Africa. I have a mandinka culture which is practiced also in Senegal, Guinea and Mali but I belong to ethnic group of the Fulani and my religion is Islam.

I ‘ve already dealt with FGM as an issue for the past 2 years. I have been meeting with my community members to sensitize them, as well as to inform about FGM and the harmful damages it causes. Often, this is still kept as a secret, causing both physical and psychological health problem. My own experience regarding that topic is that FGM has a numerous side effects. It causes short- and long-term effects that can crucially affect a woman sexually and in child bearing.

My expectations of the new Let’s CHANGE project are the empowerment and the provision of necessary materials that show the dangerous effects of this harmful practice on our girls and women. I hope that our message will be completely understood and that I will be ready to face the community as a capable CHANGE Trainer. Also, I hope to be able to change behavior in order to end the harmful practice of this inhuman act.