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Godula Kosack visiting the vocational college in Makandai (2013). Photo: © Jürgen KunzeGodula Kosack visiting the vocational college in Makandai (2013).
Photo: © Jürgen Kunze

If this project had already existed when I was young, it surely would have helped me, too. I would have liked to go to school longer and complete a vocational training, but I was lacking the funds. I had to marry early. Now, I am committed to supporting girls in my village, so they get a chance.”
Member of AFFMHL

Project area: Mandara Mountains, Far North Region of Cameroon

Supported by TDF since: 2012

Target group: Girls and women of the ethnic group “Mafa”


  • About 400.000 Mafa live in the Mandara Mountains in the Far North Region.
  • Despite compulsory education, attending school is expensive, and students have to travel long distances to school. Consequently, school enrolment is mostly reserved to boys.
  • In some villages, up to 100% of girls and women are illiterate.
  • Often, girls are married off by their fathers at an age of 15, even to men of their fathers’ age.
  • As women have no claim to land, they mostly depend on men to secure their livelihoods.

Project activities:

The Association for the Support of M’lay, Huva and Ldama Girls (AAFMHL – “Association d’Appui aux Filles de M’lay, Huva et Ldama”) was founded by teachers, parents and residents of the villages M’lay, Huva and Ldama. According to their financial situation and school performance AAFMHL selects girls for a scholarship, which covers school fees, materials and basic school equipment and supports the scholars until they complete vocational training or even university.

The project Self-determination through education seeks to support girls and women in their desire for personal and economic independence by paving the way for school attendance or offering vocational trainings. The latter are directed to women who have been forced into marriage and did not get the chance to participate in education. AAFMHL also seeks dialogue with parents, who prevent their daughters from going to school.


  • In the initial project stage, several girls were able to finish primary school. In order to increase sustainability, the funding of vocational trainings has been included in the scholarships for the subsequent phases.
  • In 2016/17, TDF paid the education costs of 16 young women studying office administration at a technical college.
  • In 2012, TDF supported the construction of a girls’ school in Mazi, where students now study farming, livestock breeding, and domestic science, among others, providing them with income opportunities especially in rural areas.
  • At the moment, more than 70 girls between 14 and 24 years attend the girls’ school in Mazi, two of them being TDF scholars.

Project manager: Daniel Paoulai

Contacts: Voluntary project coordinator Godula Kosack (kamerun@frauenrechte.de)
or TERRE DES FEMMES – section international cooperation (iz@frauenrechte.de)


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