Visit of INTACT Denmark in Berlin

f.l.t.r.: Gislinde Nauy (TDF Member), Lena Nyhus (Chairperson INTACT Denmark), Güray Baba (INTACT Denmark), Linn Fabricius Dyg (INTACT Denmark). Photo: © Gislinde Nauy f.l.t.r.: Gislinde Nauy (TDF Member), Lena Nyhus (Chairperson INTACT Denmark), Güray Baba (INTACT Denmark), Linn Fabricius Dyg (INTACT Denmark). Photo: © Gislinde Nauy From 7th to 9th of October 2018, a delegation of the Danish NGO Intact Denmark came to meet with MOGiS e.V., Projekt 100% MENSCH and TERRE DES FEMMES in Berlin. The exchange meeting was mainly centred around the recent legislative initiatives in Denmark and Iceland that shall protect the genital autonomy of children of all genders (female, male and intersexual) and aims at prohibiting any kind of genital mutilation. TDF member Gislinde Nauy (working group “Female Genital Mutilation”) attended the meeting.

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Start of the new Let´s CHANGE project in Berlin

Let´s CHANGE partners at TERRES DES FEMMES. Photo: © TERRE DES FEMMESLet´s CHANGE partners at TERRES DES FEMMES. Photo: © TERRE DES FEMMESThe Kick-Off meeting of the new Let´s CHANGE project took place at the TERRE DES FEMMES head office in Berlin on the 23rd and 24th October 2018. Similar to the previous project, TERRE DES FEMMES as coordinator of Let’s CHANGE and the project partners Plan International in Hamburg, FSAN in Amsterdam and Equipop in Paris as well as the evaluation consultancy Open Europe Consulting in Munich came together to start their cooperation within the project.

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Exchange Meeting with Advisory Centre FEM Süd to Discuss New Peer Project

from left to right: Umyma El-Jelede, Hilde Wolf (FEM Süd), TDF policy specialist Charlotte Weil, Mai Ali, Lovina Okonkwo (Student Intern TDF). Photo: © TERRE DES FEMMES

Last week’s Thursday, 26th July 2018, has been an exciting opportunity for TERRE DES FEMMES to deepen the collaboration with feminist organisations from our neighbouring country Austria. Charlotte Weil welcomed to medical practitioners from a Vienna-based counselling centre in the head office in Berlin. The two women were part of a counselling team that is particularly specialized in women’s and girl’s health, called FEM Süd, and attended the meeting in representation of the entire team: One of them is a health psychologist and head of the centre, Hilde Wolf, the other is a health counsellor and trained physician, Umyma El-Jelede.

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New Data on the Unreported Cases of Female Genital Mutilation in Germany – this time, with a breakdown of all federal states

Recent data show that the number of unreported cases of FGM in Germany is increasing again, with a growing number of girls that are at risk of being mutilated. The figures illustrate a great challenge on how to manage this subject, but simultaneously, they also motivate for more work on prevention and sensitization.

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Human Rights Council passes resolution to end female genital mutilation

The UN Human Rights Council has recently decided on a resolution to fight female genital mutilation. The paper contains several ideas and thoughts from the EU-projects CHANGE Plus and United to END FGM in which TERRE DES FEMMES and other European partners have participated. The fact that all member states of the council have commonly decided on a resolution on this issue, illustrates the acknowledgment of the work civil society actors like those in the END FGM network do and motivates for further projects in the future.

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