Insights into women´s worlds 2004

The Team

Organised by:
TERRE DES FEMMES in co-operation with the commissioner of women´s affairs of the University town of Tuebingen and the Arsenal, Museum and Waldhorn Cinemas

Irene Jung

Irene Jung, Monika Michell, Sibylle Schreiber, Bianca Kuon, Sachiko Ikeda, Simone Köhler, Paulo Roberto de Carvalho, Käte Schaeffer, Claudia Hagin.

Film Selection:
Irene Jung , Susan Javad

Program adviser:
Paulo Roberto de Carvalho

Program texts:
Susan Javad, Monika Michell, Irene Jung

Attention press:
Monika Michell, Karin Schaeffer

Attention schools:
Susan Javad, Sibylle Schreiber, Claudia Hagin

Attention guests:
Bianca Kuon

Special events :
Irene Jung, Monika Michell, Sibylle Schreiber

Film logistics:
Monika Michell, Sibylle Schreiber, Irene Jung

Film transportation:
Sachiko Ikeda, Benjamin Flaig,

Christian Michel

Sibylle Schreiber, Irene Jung

Design and print:
Reprostelle/ print office of the University of Tübingen


Christa Stolle   

Irene Jung

Director of

Co-ordinator of the


Film Festival

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