Insights into women´s worlds 2004

Special Activities

18.11. 2004
8.00 p.m.                  Opening of the Filmfestival

in the movie theater Museum with the prize-winning film „El Kotbia (the bookstore)“ from Nawfel Saheb-Ettaba, who will be present at the opening.

A small, almost forgotten bookstore becomes the centre of powerful feelings of two Tunisian women from different generations – a young, beautiful lower class woman with a gorgeous voice, and an elderly widow who had been married by force in her youth. Both of them are trying to find their own way of dealing with restricting traditions and daring freedom. A gripping film by Tunisian filmmaker Nawfel Saheb-Ettaba which received the award for the best African movie at the Montreal World Film Festival 2003.

Afterwards Opening Celebration with the music-group „Cántaro“ in the Kelterbar.

„Cántaro“ (cello, accordeon, percussion and several Latin American string instruments) plays mainly their own compositions of traditional Latin American and Spanish music. Featuring a Spanish singer with her stirring voice and passionate dances, the group´s performance promises for a great evening.


20.11. 2004
12.00 p.m.                            Discussion
Topic of the discussion: „Human rights of women – a topic in filmmaking“ in the movie theater Arsenal.

The directors Nawfel Saheb-Ettaba, Ayse Polat and Jeanine Meerapfel as well as the actress Archie Panjabi will discuss the possibilities and perspectives of the medium of film in standing up for women´s rights.

Looking back at the discussion with the Directors of documentaries at the film festival 2003, this year will we talk with Directors of feature films about the qualitiies a movie has to have to fulfill to represent women´s rights effectively. Additionally we will raise the question of how these kinds of films have to be produced and distributed to work for women´s rights. Furthermore the different possibilities of feature films compared to documentaries in dealing with women´s right will be discussed. In this context, the personal intentions of the directors to produce such movies will be considered as well.


3.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m.                      Theater performance in the LTT
to the International day of „No to Violence against Women“

The play "Krabat and the 7 Whores – (no) Fairy Tale“ is about the trafficking of women from Eastern Europe to Germany. It will be presented by the Theater group of the Albert Einstein High School of Reutlingen, under the direction of Cordelia Honigberger in co-operation with Terre des Femmes e.V. These pupils had seen films about the topic at our film festival in 2003 and felt motivated to develop a play which was then chosen for the National School-Theater Festival in September 2004.

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