Preventing trafficking in girls

 „Flyer on the loverboy method”. Illustration: Joanna Broda/Mona Kakanj „Flyer on the loverboy method”. Illustration: Joanna Broda/Mona KakanjHuman trafficking happens to children in Germany. And victims are both migrant children and children who grew up in Germany. The yearly report on human trafficking published by the Federal Criminal Police identifies 163 children that were subjected to commercial sexual exploitation. Of those children, 65 were victims of trafficking and another 98 children were subject to other forms of commercial sexual exploitation. In fact, 65% of all child victims of commercial sexual exploitation had German citizenship this is why prevention of trafficking has to happen right here in Germany.  80% of child victims are female, and trafficking in girls is a form of gender-based violence.

No one knows how many girls are affected by human trafficking. But every victim is one too many.

The loverboy method of trafficking in girls

Girls and young women are often forced into prostitution through the loverboy method. They become victims of trafficking in girls. The so-called “loverboys” are men between the age of 18 – 30. They seduce the girl or young women and then starts a pretend. He isolates her from family and friends and makes her depend on him. Then he asks the girl to prove her love for him by helping him with money – money that she is meant to earn in prostitution. Violence, threats and drugs often play a significant role. The aim of the pretend relationship is to sexually exploit her in order for the loverboy to benefit financially.

This sexual exploitation of girls and women has profound emotional and physical consequences for the victims. TERRE DES FEMMES considers prevention to be the best form of protection. This is why we developed a new flyer to raise awareness especially among the target group of girls between the age of 12 to 18 years old.