Our political demands

Concerning trafficking in women, we demand:

  • A permanent residence status for victims regardless of their willingness to testify against the perpetrators in court.
  • Free psychological support and adequate health care services for all victims in Germany.
  • Nationwide availability of well-funded shelters and counselling centers for victims, including multi-lingual services.
  • The right to psychosocial assistance during court proceedings for all victims.
  • The establishment of a national compensation fund for victims.
  • Their right to gender-based asylum for victims, and the protection of victims from supposedly “safe” countries of origin during shortened asylum procedures.
  • The training of police officers and asylum interviewers to ensure the identification of victims and thus their protection.

Concerning prostitution, we demand:

  • The introduction of the sex purchase ban and fighting the causes of prostitution.
  • A European-wide adoption of the abolitionist approach: Germany should follow Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France and Ireland in introducing the sex purchase ban.
  • Ultimately, the prohibition of profit-making by third parties, but until then, the strict inspection of brothels and other prostitution venues, as well as clear minimum standards in brothels for the safety of prostitutes.
  • A government-funded research project resulting in sound data regarding prostitution in Germany.
  • The nationwide expansion and stable financing of counselling services and access to health care.
  • Alternative income options for women currently in prostitution through well-funded exit programmes.