Our claims

Female genital mutilation is a severe violation of human rights and a grave health problem. Only together can we protect women and girls and strengthen their rights! Genital mutilation is still underestimated regarding the extent and the consequences it has. Despite all efforts put into the fight against the practice, still over 3 Million girls are being genitally mutilated each year! Therefore, there is still much to do both on national as well as international levels. In the year 2003, February 6 was declared as “International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation”. Beside November 25, the “No to Violence against Women”- day, and March 8, the International Women´s day, this presents an occasion for TERRE DES FEMMES to draw attention to our claims through effective publicity actions.


Worldwide: FGM should be abolished and ostracized on a global scale. Research about areas of distribution, psychological consequences of FGM, the needs of survivors as well as strategies to overcome FGM should be supported and taken into account in common practice. We demand the granting of funds for educational projects in regions with high acceptance for FGM.

Migration: Persons belonging to risk groups should be informed about the legal status, where to find support and counselling in Germany, girls’ rights in general and medical facts about female genital mutilation. Female genital mutilation is a gender-specific grounds for asylum and should grant survivors unlimited right of residence.

Prevention: professional personnel (pedagogues, medical doctors, midwives, social and youth services employees, policewomen and –men must be educated about FGM as part of their qualification. German institutions and authorities must react adequately to all leads from the public.

Reaction: for affected women, effective counselling centres should be ensured throughout the nation. Medical and psychological after-treatment (including reconstructive surgery) should be fully covered by the women´s health insurance.

It is necessary to educate mothers who are affected themselves early on about the consequences of FGM for the daughters.