Waithaka, Martha

My name is Martha Waithaka and I was born on 3rd November 1990 in Nairobi, Kenya.

I belong to the Kikuyu, one among 43 other ethnic groups in Kenya and I am a proud mother of a boy. I am an IT administrator by profession and also a life coach. In 2015, I moved to Germany. There, I learned the German language quickly to be able to communicate easily. Currently, I work in an organization where I am involved in women’s workshops and activities in Premnitz and Potsdam. Furthermore, I voluntarily work in a refugee accommodation as a translator, but I’m more passionate about mobilizing and empowering women into motivating activities. Female Genital Mutilation affects me directly and indirectly, and I’m really proud of becoming a CHANGE Agent to be able to change the world. Thus, I’m discussing the topic of FGM in the organization I work with, as well as among women in general. The existence of FGM pains my heart and that’s why I want to become a CHANGE Agent. It doesn’t matter how many people I can reach. I’m ready to change a small or large number of people, and I’m happy for the chance to be a CHANGE Agent.

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