Workplace Policy

Domestic violence is a severe violation of human rights in Germany. Women of any age, religion and nationality are affected by this kind of violence. Many of them are employees.

The effects of domestic violence have an impact on the women’s performance at work that also the corporations and administrations will notice: higher rates of absence and lower productivity as well as unwanted calls, emails or visits from the offender at the workplace. Violence against women therefore negatively affects the efficiency and the operational costs of a company. This ultimately affects the entire society.

That is why companies and managements become increasingly involved in the concept of workplace policy against domestic violence at the workplace. By targeted measures, information and training employers actively avoid discrimination. In case of domestic violence they provide protection and support for the employees affected.

The new guideline Step by Step against Domestic Violence explains the concept of workplace policy and supports corporations and administrations getting involved against domestic violence at the workplace by providing selected examples and useful practical advice.

TERRE DES FEMMES gives advice to companies and managements on implementing a workplace policy and developing appropriate measures against domestic violence. If you have any questions please contact our consultant responsible for the project.

International Networking and Events

By implementing a workplace policy companies actively ensure that human rights are respected at the workplace. This is not only the case in Germany but also in regions such as Latin America. Therefore TERRE DES FEMMES has collaborated in recent years with the ComVoMujer work group of the GIZ.

Since 2014 TERRE DES FEMMES has been a member of the international network DV@WorkNet which met for the first time in autumn 2014 in Toronto, Canada. The network aims for bringing together relevant actors, exchanging knowledge and methods as well as promoting the improvement of current measures.

In order to develop networking within Germany as well, TERRE DES FEMMES became a member of the German Global Compact Network in 2013. The first joint event was the Business Lunch for companies in Berlin in October 2013. The Berlin senator for employment, integration and women, Dilek Kolat, opened the event. The first Business Lunch for the workplace policy was held in September 2012 at ProDialog.

In Collaboration with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung TERRE DES FEMMES organised in 2007 the first meeting on this subject in Germany followed by the two congresses „Das Private ist betrieblich I“ in 2008 and „Das Private ist betrieblich II“ in 2009.