The Archives

Foto ©: Ute Binder

TERRE DES FEMMES’ archives contain a growing collection of specialist material on international human and women’s rights. A library of selected publications, an extensive body of newspaper articles, magazines, pamphlets, theses, dissertations, and other publications, as well as digitally stored files offer a variety of ways to acquire a differentiated insight into women's rights issues.

The archives are the information pool and record centre of TERRE DES FEMMES. Our aim is to support all those who are interested in or who would like to actively promote women’s rights. That is why we help hundreds of interested people annually in finding background information on individual topics.

Out literature database currently holds about 8,700 books, periodicals, and grey literature, filed and tagged, while almost 106,000 newspaper articles are systematically filed also. Thus, TERRE DES FEMMES offers a comprehensive collection of literature for research in the field of international women's rights and women's rights violations.

TERRE DES FEMMES’ archives are a member of ‘ida’, an umbrella organisation of German-language women/lesbian libraries, archives and documentation centres.