Inaugurated in 2004, the TERRE DES FEMMES Foundation was established by nine trustees with the vision to create an ethical, transparent and long-term investment in the fight for girls' and women's rights throughout the world. The Foundation is closely linked with the TERRE DES FEMMES association: its office, board and management are identical. The purpose of the foundation is to secure our work in the long term by allowing greater independence from the fluctuating nature of individual donations. All proceeds from the permanently invested capital are exclusively used to finance the association's work on the sustainable development of opportunities for girls and women, with the beneficiary department chosen every two years by TERRE DES FEMMES's board, based on need and urgency.

For further information or inquiries please contact:

Management Department

Tel: +49 (0) 30/ 40 50 46 99 – 11
E-mail: geschaeftsfuehrung@frauenrechte.de

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