About us

Who we are

TERRE DES FEMMES (TDF) is a German non-profit women’s rights organisation. We are committed to ensuring that girls and women can live a free, safe, and self-determined life while holding equal and inalienable rights regarding all aspects of life. Our aim is to raise public awareness by means of education and advocacy, campaigning and lobbying, international networking, and individual personal assistance. We also promote a number of independent and local self-help projects abroad.

In June, 2014, TERRE DES FEMMES adopted the Feminist Mission Statement, that forms the basis of the previous and future work of the organisation.

TDF deals with a big variety of subjects through its five focus areas: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), honour crimes, domestic violence, women trafficking, and virginity myths. Our current activities include, among many others, the annual film festival “FrauenWelten” (Women’s Worlds) in Tübingen and the “flag campaign”, a nationwide initiative on 25 November – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Based in Berlin, TDF maintains a nation-wide body of support of more than 3,500 members and patrons, 25 local groups, and 4 working groups at present. Our sources of funding include individual donations, corporate partnerships, membership fees, and grants from various institutions and foundations. Since 2004, the TERRE DES FEMMES foundation constitutes a vital pillar of financial support.

TDF membership can take on a variety of forms such as active and voluntary membership in a city group, an issue-based working group, or passive membership in TDF’s friends association.

Of course you are also very welcome to support our work with simply a donation!

For further information please download our brochure (PDF-file)

Our History

In 1981 TERRE DES FEMMES was founded as a registered association in Hamburg where reading an article about the disastrous state of women’s rights in the Middle East had inspired a group of women to become active. Back then TDF’s organisational structure consisted of an executive committee and local groups. Up until 1990 all of TDF’s members worked on a voluntary basis. That year, however, the first full-time positions and a main office were established in Tübingen. In order to make lobbying more effective and increase access to everyday political events, the office was moved to Berlin in 2011.  

Our Vision

Equal rights, self-determination, and freedom for girls and women around the world

TDF is committed to defend girls’ and women’s rights and strives to promote a world in which a woman is in control of her own life, regardless of her individual background. We envision…

  • a future in which no woman will be born as  an unwanted child, but as a baby girl who can grow up freely and happily and without fear of getting hurt or killed based on her sex at any point in her life.
  • a gender equal society in which young girls and boys share the same access to education, freedom of dress, and choice in leisure activities.
  • a world in which a young woman can freely choose her political views, religious beliefs and practices, professional career, and partner. This world is based on equal pay and socio-economic independence.
  • a partnership the form of which a woman can define freely with her partner or spouse and in which conflicts are solved without violence.
  • a pregnancy and motherhood during which a mother and her family feel safe at all times regarding their physical and socio-economic well-being.
  • twilight years during which a woman may grow old with dignity and respect.

We are aware that there is still a lot to be done in order for this life to come true for all women across the globe.

We warmly invite you to join our cause!

Our Network

TERRE DES FEMMES’ collaborative projects are a vital part of our work. This is why we cooperate and maintain close contact with various national and international women’s and human rights organisations. We are an active member of a large number of working groups, societies, and joint action programmes, including the following:


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