10th Film Festival Women's Worlds
International Day "NO to violence against women"


10th Anniversary

What was once, ten years ago, a small supplement to the 20th anniversary of the women's rights organisation TERRE DES FEMMES, has now under the name Women'sWorlds become a renowned film festival even outside of Tuebingen and Germany. Always on offer were a wide range of films and documentaries from over 20 countries concerning Human Rights of Women, as well as special activities with discussions, concerts, exhibitions, theatre or workshops.

What has been specially enriching for the audience are certainly the guests the festival increasingly attracts: film-makers and actresses who have won prizes in Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, Venice and Sundance, such as Mohsen, Samira and Hana Makhmalbaf, Marziyeh Meshkini, Jeanine Meerapfel, Nina Hoss, Luna Mijovic. They were also motivation and enrichment for us through their engagement – exceeding their films – for Human Rights of Women and they let us partake in their inspiring experiences. They, on their behalf, appreciated the lively exchange with the Tuebingen audience and with extraordinary women's rights activists like Marilyn Waring from New Zealand, Sima Samar from Afghanistan or Leymah Gbowee from Liberia, Africa.


Honour Award Women's Worlds

For the particularly engaged accompaniment of the film festival Women's Worlds during its ten years of existence there will be four honour awards presented in 2010: for the supporters in the early hours, the family of filmmakers Makhmalbaf from Iran, represented by Mohsen and Marziyeh, for the winner of the Golden Bear Jasmila Zbanic from Bosnia, who will present her latest film "Na putu" in Tuebingen. They will also participate in a round table conversation about “Human Rights in the Mirror of Film” at the Film Academy Ludwigsburg for students and film makers. The honour award for the British documentary film-maker Kim Longinotto will be received on her behalf by Jackie Branfield from South Africa. She is the protagonist of Longinotto's touching documentary "Rough Aunties" about five fearless women who help abused children in South Africa. A longstanding companion of Women's Worlds is also the German documentary film-maker Elke Jonigkeit, who has – together with the protagonists of her 25 years of filming in Afghanistan – created successful women's projects in this war-shaken country.


Guest and Film Highlights

The film festival opens with the humorous drama "Me too" about the outsider friendship between a young, rebellious woman and an academic with Down’s syndrome. It will be presented personally by the leading actress Lola Dueñas, award winner with Pedro Almadovar's "Volver" in Cannes. Feo Aladag comes to Tuebingen with the German entry for the Oscar 2011, "Die Fremde", a much noted film concerning one of TERRE DE FEMMES' main issues: honour crimes.

"Scheherazade – Tell Me a Story" is about a young TV-Talkshow-Host in Cairo who with her provoking focus on women's issues not only upsets the political hierarchies but also puts her relationship at risk. The film was shown at Venice whilst causing heavy controversy in Egypt. The drama "Winter's Bone" concerning 17-year old Ree, desperately searching for her father to avoid a compulsory auction of her house but meeting a wall of silence, was received with ecstatic applause at Sundance Festival and the Berlinale. In "The Kids Are All Right" the teenage children of lesbian couple Nic and Jules search for their biological father. The satiric comedy with depth won the Berlinale Teddy 2010.


Focus on Africa

The continent as seen by women: In "Taking Root" the later Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai is planting trees in Kenya against the threatening desertification and challenging the dictatorship. In Congo the war may have finished but "Fighting the Silence" shows the fate of over 80,000 raped women, who as outcasts have to recapture their place in society. In "L'excision" a way is demonstrated with which to change the custom of genital mutilation in the remotest areas of Burkina Faso, using 'ciné débats': discussions with the population after the screening of films.



The upcoming FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany is in the centre of the TERRE DES FEMMES campaign "Woman in Motion”. Women's Worlds, too, will take a look at female football players and sports women: from the first Afghan national women's football team, the team of "Women Fighters" in Zanzibar or the first Iranian sports woman, Taekwondo fighter Sara, who was able to qualify for the Olympic Games.


We'd like to wish our audience interesting, emotional and stimulating moments at the Women's Worlds Film Festival and to thank everyone who has kindly supported us!

Irene Jung
Film Fest Director

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